Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tao Te Ching Chapter 76-8 Karoshi / Snapped branch

Today's Tao

A strong branch of a tree will surely be snapped. (Ch.76)

Don't work too hard.

Do you know a Japanese expression "Karoshi 過労死"?

It means "death from overwork".

Diligent, industrious, tireless.

All these adjectives once had the status as a national motto in post-war Japan.

The Japanese worked hard, as hard as possible until their lives were suddenly "snapped".

They had worked a lot to buy a Toyota Corolla or a Sony Walkman.

Then, they realized they had got no time to use it.

Some were lucky enough to listen to the music with a Walkman in the train.

Others were too tired to stay awake even while standing there.

Most car owners simply enjoyed washing theirs.

A day trip?

Out of question!

Lao Tzu's «Tao Te Ching» has been one of the "must read" study materials for more than one thousand years in Japan.

Did we really learn what Lao Tzu is saying in the book?

Do you?

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