Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tao Te Ching Chapter 76-3 Fragile life

Today's Tao

The life of everything; grasses or trees, is soft and fragile. (Ch.76)

Why does life exist?

Why do the lives of grasses and trees exist?

First, life, or the life of any being, is part of a hologram.

Second, a hologram exists as a catalyst.

The catalyst stimulates Tao, the circulation of the fundamental energy.

This relation between the stimulating and the stimulated beings is metaphorically expressed as "to explain manifestation / 説法 [seppo]", or "to turn the wheel of manifestation / 転法輪 [tenborin]".

In other words, everything you see in your hologram is a prayer.

The catalytic prayer stimulates you, who is Tao.

That's why Zen Master Dogen says:

"Sometimes it uses the letters of one hundred grasses;

sometimes it uses the letters of ten thousand trees".



(Bukkyo 仏経, «Shobogenzo»)

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