Monday, June 6, 2011

Tao Te Ching Chapter 76-5 Mujoseppo = non-living preach / Hard & Strong

Today's Tao

Therefore, those who are hard and strong are men of non-life. (Ch.76)


Do non-living objects understand what one preaches?

In Zen Buddhism, they discuss the question often.

They also ask themselves a question:

"What kind of people can hear the preaching of non-living beings?".


(cf. the preaching of non-living beings = Mujoseppo 無情説法)

The answers are quite clear:

"Yes, non-living beings can hear the preaching of non-living beings".

Life is part of a hologram, which we call the world.

A hologram is projected.

As both people and buildings in a movie are projected, living beings and non-living beings in your hologram are projected.

Living and non-living beings are the same.

In a sense, everything is non-living.

How can you tell that people and animals have got thoughts and feelings while rocks and clouds haven't?

Now you know why you are not able to hear what other people and animals think or feel.

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