Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tao Te Ching Chapter 77-6 Nirvana / Reduced excess & Supplied lack

Today's Tao

Heaven's Tao reduces excess and supplies what it lacking. (Ch.77)

A: "Give us food. Give us clothes. Save us, Master Bonbon!"

B: "Give us money first. We will invest it on the financial market. Then, the profit will save you."

Please trust yourself.

Trust Tao.

"Heaven" means your hologram.

"Heaven's Tao" signifies the the presence of Tao inside all the bits and pieces of your hologram.

Tao's nature of manifestation is called Hossho 法性 in Buddhism.

This world is your Nirvana.

Don't try to look for a better place somewhere over the rainbow.

Your holographic world is perfect.

Stop saying silly things like: "We have to improve this world".

Instead, thank the world for being as it is, and Tao will take care of the rest, by reducing excess and supplying what is lacking.

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