Monday, April 21, 2008

Free calls

A few weeks ago, we received a notice from SFR, which is a telecommunication company connecting us to telephone and ADSL.
They had already had its free call service to various countries, but Japan and Thailand were not included. In the letter, they informed us that these areas were officially included.
My girlfriend is still caucious, thinking that it could be a fraud.
After several trials and verification on her account (she is the one who pays), we were ready to go for calling my family and friends.
I talked with Hiro, my old friend and my mother.
Both of them are in Japan.
Later in the evening, we got a call from Mon Chi-chi, the son of my first cousin and my collaborator for Asakusa Underground travel site, currently travelling in Thailand.
He had been to several go-go-bars and naughty places and seemed to be having a nice time, though he said that he was a little disappointed because he had not picked any square girls on the street.
Families and friends are nice, aren't they?

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