Tuesday, April 29, 2008

To promote this blog

It seems like darkness, the darkness of a cave.
It seems to me that there is no one around me.
This is how I feel about the blog with Blogger.
I have blogs in Japanese with another company and it has several services to help us promote our blogs. They seem more helpful to me.
Probably, I don't really understand how this entire site is functioning, and once I get used to it, I will feel that I have written a stupid entry like this.
Nevertheless, I cannot help feeling that this blog is like an isolated island floating on the dark surface of a vast ocean.
Occasionally I have visitors as if they were migrating birds looking for a day's rest.

Yesterday, no new link to Asakusa Underground was added to "hope" list. Good news is that a fellow country man from Choshi, Chiba kindly put the link to us in his business site, ArtisticNippon. You can see plenty of beautiful Japanese pots and art crafts there. 

My girlfriend's site is flourishing. Plenty of hits have been recorded already. She has written just one post.

Is there any tips to promote one's own blog?

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Marc. said...

I feel you. My blog seems like its own little enclave within these ones and zero's. Yea, i have a interest in Tokyo but I've never had the opportunity to travel there!