Friday, April 18, 2008

the first two month of Asakusa Underground

Two months have passed since my cousin and I started Asakusa Underground travel site.
It is about time we summarise what we have done and have not done.
Since my collaborator is travelling in Thailand and I am away from Japan in France, our project that has been advancing satisfactorily is now at rest, which is fine and necessary for us to stand still, breathe well, and look back calmly.

As for articles, we have written more than thirty of them, in which "English Conversation Cafe" is the last one. We have another article "A Shelter from the Japanese Society" to be checked and posted in the site. As a whole, it is a good pace.

In terms of links, we have no means to measure what we have achieved. We have sent many e-mails asking reciprocal links and registered our site at twenty something search engines. At this moment, we do not know how effective it has been. We will see it after Mon Chi-chi is back from Thailand and set a site analyser on our pages. I can not do it here since we respect each other's role: Chi-chi takes care of the site management and its graphic creation and I, writings in English. After all, I don't know anything about Html codes and site designs. Once he is back, we are going to do a big clean-up of dead links, errors in the articles, and so forth. The analyser will be added then. 

Last night, I finished typing my play "The Hag (Yama-Uba)", which is an adaptation from a Noh play supposed to be written by Ikkyu, an extraordinary Japanese Zen master in the 14th century. I will translate it into French, but at the moment I want to work on travel articles for Asakusa Underground.

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