Monday, April 28, 2008

A French woman who loves Japan

My girlfriend started her own blog in Japanese.
She is French and doesn't speak Japanese well. She has tried to learn the language, but it seems too difficult. I am so glad that I don't have to learn it any more. 
It is too painstaking. I still have nightmares about my school days.
"Oh, my god, the time is running out and I have to come up with the answer."
"What can I do if I flunk. The university will expel me. How can I explain this to my parents."
Every day and every week you have to memorise kanji (Chinese characters) or the names of kings in England or something.
The title of her blog is "Furansu josei no Nihon wo aisuru Michi", which means The Way for a French woman to Love Japan.
She tells me the outline of her entry every morning while having breakfast and I am her ghost writer.
Another important task is added to our Asakusa Underground project.

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