Friday, April 25, 2008

Kyoto Craftsman's Guest House

He seems to be an old man. At least there is an old Japanese man working with kimonos in the photo.
He must be the owner of this guest house at Nishijin in Kyoto.
His family may have been making kimonos for hundreds of years, and the industry is in decline for the last couple of decades.
Fortunately, his factory is still surviving, thanks to the income from the guest house, it seems.
The old craftsman is asking for help in his internet site. He needs new ideas and new markets abroad.
Can anyone help the man who is struggling to transmit his know-how and tradition to the next generation?
Well, I have to write about him on our site first.

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Yannifique said...


No never been to Japan yet...but I would love to...
One day I hope...
How about you? Do you know France?