Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tell me how to promote small businesses

If someone knows it, please tell me how one can promote his small business.
Yesterday I sent an email to the owner of Kyoto Craft man House, who desperately wants to expand his business horizons.
He has a cute little Internet site and even a blog in English. I suggested that he should register his sites in English directories, but is it really useful?
He is making beautiful kimonos and, like any other traditional industries in Japan, his craftsmanship is not rewarded with the financial gain that his skill deserves.
Is there any link exchange site for small and traditional businesses?
I think it should, but wonder where I can find it.
Once in a while, we hear success stories of small business owners using Internet. I would like to know how they get their sites recognized.
Well, we need to save whales and help Tibetans. I agree. Then, don't you think wonderful kimono making skills should be preserved as well?
Please tell us where we should look in order to contact people who are interested in old and new small business owners with their skill unique in the world.

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