Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mon Chi-Chi, the artist

Mon Chi-Chi and I are creating ASAKUSA Underground, an alternative Tokyo travel site.
My collaborator is a digital artist.
His creation is subtle but audacious.
One can tell immediately that he is talented.
Now it is about time he promoted his art.
Last night we had a long discussion by telephone about the direction of developing our site.
He is in Bangkok now.
It seems that he is a little confused.
He is the son of my cousin.
We are running a bit of a family business.


mila said...

hello japanese surfer girl ;)

yes, gili islands are beautiful. i am planing a trip in july...

where else have you been in Indonesia?

Yes I have been to Japan - love the country and the people.



Anonymous said...

I have never been to Japan, I'd love to go.
I guess you have been? You're so lucky :)

Ben said...

hey, thanks for the comment :) Being an Englishman in NY can be hard, but has it's upsides as well thankfully.. You sound like an interesting character- the only surfer/playwright I've ever heard of in fact.. good stuff! Hope life's treating you well~ Ben

Ben said...

thanks man :) the pictures were shot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn..

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I'm sorry..I should have paid a little more attention! >.<

Riviera_Underground said...

Hi, Ben.
I should have read your profile first.
I saw that you are living in Brooklyn after I had posted the comment.