Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tao Te Ching Chapter 78-9 Bad omens

Today's Tao

"Those who accept the bad omen of the country are called the king of the world under the sky." (Ch.78)

A: "«Don't whistle inside the house! Evil spirits will come in!»

«Oh, my goodness. You must move your TV set. It is blocking the way of the dragon.»

«This is a bad omen. This IS a bad omen. This is the sign. This is the end of the world.»

Master Bonbon, tell us honestly. Do you believe in these?"

B: "Of course, I do. Superstitions and bad omens are the most effective ways to scare people. Customer scare service is the most profitable division in our organization."

Superstitions and bad omens are like so-called miracle.

Zen Master Dogen expresses it this way:

"Miracle is the tea and rice of a Buddhist". (☞See Miracle rule 65-6)

That is to say, our everyday life is miracle.

Every hologram is part of the miracle.

In Zen Buddhism, the miracle is called Shin 心, which is often translated as heart or mind.

Shin 心, the heart, is the Tao/hologram mechanism, where everything belongs, including superstitions and bad omens.

You don't have to be scared of superstitions and bad omens.

They exist to ask you for the same thing as the others do:

"Send Love (=Tao's energy)".

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Lao Tzu answers your question!

☞«Tao Te Ching» Key word comparison (27) / - Dark Depth Female [genpi / xuan pin / hsuan pin] 玄牝 - 玄 [gen / xuan / hsuan] means Dark Depth. 牝 [pi (hin) / pin], Female. This is one of the most important words in Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching. Mr Michael P. Garofalo has done an excellent research and comparison of the various translations. (http://www.egreenway.com/qigong/vstccs2.htm) Thanks to him, we can see easily how they translate 谷神不死, 是謂玄牝 in Chapter 6 / Valley God. / "The Valley spirit not dying is called the mysterious female." On the left, «The Essential Tao : An Initiation into the Heart of Taoism Through the Authentic Tao Te Ching and the Inner Teachings of Chuang-Tzu» translated by Thomas Cleary. / "The valley spirit never dies Call it the mystery the woman." On the right, «Lao Tzu: Tao Te Ching: A Book about the Way and the Power of the Way» translated by Ursula K. Le Guin.

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