Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tao Te Ching Chapter 80-7 Hunger & Food

Today's Tao

Make them appreciate the taste of their food. (Ch.80)

When one is hungry, he doesn't think about the Global Warming, not even banking crises.

His primary concern is how he can fill his stomach, we naturally think.

What is hunger?

What is the stomach, really?

Probably, you might not want to hear the answer, not to mention accept it.

Hunger and the stomach are part of the hologram you project.

Please remember the story of Jesus and the multiplied bread.

Zen Master Dogen gives us a clue to understand this biblical anecdote.

He writes:

"If it is not a painted rice-cake, it must not be a remedy to satisfy hunger."


(Gabyo 画餅, «Shobogenzo»)

It means that, since our stomach is part of the hologram, nothing but holographic food can fill up the holographic stomach. (☞See below for the list of the articles related to "Gabyo 画餅/ a painted rice-cake")

All the miracles have every right to take place because anything can be projected in your hologram.

Appreciate today's food because it is the miracle.

«The list of the articles related to "Gabyo / a painted rice-cake"» ⎯ Life = miracle = hologram = catalyst
-Painted rice-cake / Empty granary 53-5
-Miracle Attainment 65-7
-Don't waste holograms 67-7
-Tax and Starve 75-1
-King and Zen Master Dogen 75-2
-Plenty of life? 75-3
-Value life? 75-4

«Other Related Articles»
-Small country 80-1
-"110 vessels" 80-2
-Don't travel 80-3
-Boats and Cars 80-4
-Armor and Arms 80-5
-Tie the rope 80-6
-Hunger and Food 80-7
-Face transmission / Menju / Beauty 80-8
-Out-Tao (Heresy) Seniya / Gedo Senni / Settled 80-9
-Enjoy your customs 80-10
-Neighbors 80-11
-Moonlight and Dewdrops / Dogs and Roosters 80-12
-Life without intervention 80-13
-Tao by Matsumoto / Tao Te Ching / Chapter 80

Lao Tzu answers your question!

«Recommended Books 4» You might have read them when you were younger. You might have been impressed. Then, you might have forgotten them. Later, you might have tried not to mention the names of the books because you had read some criticism ridiculing them. Nevertheless, the names of some old books deserve to be mentioned. For there are always new comers to the field: Some young ones who were not even born when the books were published, or some less young ones who were not able to read the books because their English was not good enough at that time and the translations in their mother tongue were not available. Lao Tzu says that, when you talk about Tao, people have to laugh at you. Here, «Tao by Matsumoto» proudly recommends Gary Zukav's «Dancing Wu Li Masters» and Fritjof Capra's «The Tao of Physics». They are worth re-reading, too.

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