Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tao Te Ching Chapter 80-1 Small country

Today's Tao

Be a small country and have few people. (Ch.80)

Look around.

You see just a small space, right?

"Small" is wonderful.

Can you really see a "big" country with your own eyes?

You can "see" it on TV, or something.

Do you have many people around you?


That's excellent.

Don't be fooled by numbers, especially the numbers of people reported in a newspaper or on Internet. (☞See Tao by Matsumoto / No numbers)

Please remember that the words "country" and "people" signify your hologram.

Love your "small country".

Cherish people around you.

The beings closer to you appear in your hologram more often than the rest of the world.

Instead of worrying about the miseries brought to us by the media, why don't we begin with accepting the people and things in front of us as they are?

Be small and have few because "small" is bigger than "big" and "few" is more than "plenty". (☞See Small = Big 63-4)

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Lao Tzu answers your question!

☞«Tao Te Ching» Key word comparison (32) / - Dark Depth Female [genpi / xuan pin / hsuan pin] 玄牝 - 玄 [gen / xuan / hsuan] means Dark Depth. 牝 [pi (hin) / pin], Female. This is one of the most important words in Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching. Mr Michael P. Garofalo has done an excellent research and comparison of the various translations. ( Thanks to him, we can see easily how they translate 谷神不死, 是謂玄牝 in Chapter 6 / Valley God. / "The valley spirit never dies. It is the unknown first mother," On the right, «The Tao: The Sacred Way» translated by Tolbert McCarroll. / "The mystery of the valley is immortal; It is known as the Subtle Female." On the left, «The Tao of Power: Lao Tzu's Classic Guide to Leadership, Influence, and Excellence [A new translation of the Tao Te Ching]» translated by R. L. Wing.

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